New mini-comic will be sold at SLC Grid Zine Fest in April 2017

I'll be unveiling a new autobiographical mini-comic that will only be available for sale in person (not on my website). The comic, called Finding Myself in the Granary District documents my major life events that have revolved around a quaint industrial neighborhood in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Grid Zine Fest will take place on Saturday, April 8, 2017. More details can be found here:

Another Language Ghost Town Project

I have two comics featured in a state-wide art project presented by Another Language, a 30-year-old performing arts group. The project is called Ghost Towns

I profiled Mammoth, Utah and Echo, Utah.

Concept: Once bustling historic places, ghost towns are now remnants of bygone eras where change required the inhabitants to leave their dreams behind. Ghost towns are similar to today's digital industry where workers tele-commute from their homes while the office spaces become vacant shells. Another Language is encouraging investigations of Utah ghost towns.